Tuesday, March 6, 2012


For our project we are discovering all living things in this universe and not just in earth. We are also investigating the other planets in this solar system

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

8th February

Today we looked at the different types of dresses. One of them was Victorian dresses and their shapes. Last week on Tuesday we went to Miss Robinson's friend, she told us what she thought of our dress and what she would make it out of if she had done it. We also looked at what we could make the dress on, we were suggested a barbie like doll. we googled something similar an artists doll.
by Dasha&Dureshahwar
For our project we are doing about the solar systems and many things beyond this universe.We have started to make a power point called "to infinity and beyond!"In my group there is tayeba eman and me . we have researched about the life within out universe (aliens) but we also believe this could be nonsense.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paper Aeroplanes

Me and my group are making paper aeroplanes. Next week we are going to make videos.

Codes & Ciphers

Today me and Sophie tallow are going to do some codes and ciphers , where we are going to make are own mathy fun codes and ciphers ,  they are really fun when you are bored or need something to do and i love doing them as-well and i will post a picture of one when we are finished so you can try and have ago. 


we r making paper airoplanes and making a website to put them on .

My 20% Time Project

Hello, I go to Stretford High School. I love all the lesson's especially expressive arts ( Drama, Music and Art). I really enjoy maths and English too because when I leave school I either want to be a lawyer or an accountant. I love 3D drawing because it is different to the usual  way of drawing .

I would really like to understand how much maths goes into making an accurate 3D drawing and if there's a technique to creating a precise and accurate 3D model of a 3d house.

 At the moment there's a piece of software on the computer that helps to get an idea of how to build a 3D building so I'm trying to structure a template of the school and aim on putting it onto google earth.
I have been trying to create a model of the school. At first I just started of with a simple house but now I know what to do so I'm going to start the more complex structure of the school building...

This is a picture of the 3D house to start of with:

20% Time

This term I am going to spend 20% time on science in maths. The main topic is going to be on  Astronomy which is exploring the universe beyond the earth (i.e.- Solar System). The skills that we are going to establish are our researching skills. We are going to be exploring other planets and outer space.
Me asad,ziyan,ammar are  making a very successful  game which includes many skills. 
we are using a game software called kodu. we have made 2  full games so far!  making a game is not easy 
it includes doing many things! 

Humans extinct

The problem we are going to investigate is what would happen if humans became extinct and the plan of the project is that we will do a power point and and Kodo game. We are doing some research on extinction on this website:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks3bitesize/science/environment_earth_universe/changes_in_environment/revise3.shtml,
we are also looking to see what natural disasters could make the human race extinct. plus animals because to be honest there pretty cool.
by Callum, Charlie and Danyal. because were a crew

Dasha's And Dureshahwar's Dress Designing

We are designing a dress out of shapes we have picked the dress and drawn on 2D shapes at the front allover. We would like to learn how we could put our ideas into maths. It's an intresting thing to do because its something that you wouldnt of think of to have as a maths project. next week we woyuld like to do some research about how a a peice of fabric turns into something amazing. How maybe we could make ours, and how the ideas and drawings on paper are turned into real life. :)
By Dasha & Dureshahwar.

What I am going to investigate

Me and yahya are going to investigate that how an iPad is made

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

About me

Hi my name is Amna and I live in Manchester. My favorite colour is red. I really like learning science because it is my favourite subject. When  I grow up I want to be a doctor. My favourite sports are rounders and cricket. I go to Stretford High School and I really like it.