Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Area & Circumference of a Circle

Hi our objective today is to find the circumference and area of a circle.
Here we are going to explain what a circumference is and what is and area.

Circumference is pi times the diameter of your circle.
Area is pi times the radius of the circle squared.
Radius is half the diameter.

By Eman & Sheraz


  1. Well done Eman & Sheraz this is a great start! Could you add a sentence explaining what exactly the Diameter, Radius & Circumference are on a circle for someone who hasn't heard of them before?

    Oh, and this seems like a good time to listen to the Pi Song again ;)

    http://youtu.be/hJJJmQojcLM enjoy!

  2. I would love to see an explanation / informative poster about Radius, Diameter and Circumference - This would be great to use in Technology lessons! I will be keeping my eye out! fantastic work!

  3. thank you for commenting i will be hoping to extend my explanation further. Eman

  4. wow Eman & Sheraz! You were busy. It's really good how you explained it clearly and easily! Thanks! :)

  5. thank you tayeba i would say the same about yours.


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