Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Internal & External Angles of Polygons

To be able to find out the internal and external angles of regular polygons.

To find out the internal angles of a regular polygon you have to:

Split a polygon into triangles and times the number of triangles by 180 .You have to do this because all triangal angles add up to 180.

Here's an example:

Polygon: Many sided shapes
Internal angle: Inner angle
External angle: Outer angle nex to inner angle.


  1. Well done girls. You also got a tough topic to explain. Can you find any videos or other websites that would help people out?

  2. well done! :) i like the little key at the end. what would be better is if you add a video or examples of the internet and put it on your blog.

  3. Hey Safiyyah! This is great! I was still a little confused, so thanks for explaining it. well done... now you can post a comment on my blog.:)

  4. this has made my life sooo much easier because now i understand what mr stucke was talking about in that lesson.....all because of this.Well done:)

  5. great!:) i was slightly confused about polygons at first yet this has explained it very well in a simple and easy was.well done...good work :D



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