Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Solving Linear Equations

I have found some top tips for you guys
1. An equation contians a = sign
2. SOLVE means find the value of a unknown quantity
3. You may add, subtract,multiply and divide the same quantity to both sides
4. Collect all x terms on one side of the equation

me and Adam are working out how to solve linear equations which are quite hard but you need to take you're time and try you hardest some are not as hard like:

y + 9 =  4

working out : 4 - 9 = - 5 because it is easier to work out backwards
then you put it the normal way and it = - 5 + 9 = 4 which
is definitely right

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  1. Well done, explaining algebra is tough isn't it?!

    Great idea finding a video to help explain.

    Could you show some examples from your books? It's helpful to see some examples with all the working out shown.


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