Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surface area of a 3D shape (cuboid)

To figure out the suface area of a cuboid, firstly you have to look at the measurements that are given on the shape. Then you turn it into the net of the shape and you work out the area for each individual shape in the net. After you have done this you simply just add up all the areas of the shapes and then thats the surface area of the shape. You have to put cm2 or m2 whatever your doing to make sure its right and then your done. That is how you work out the surface area of a cuboid.

Here is an example of the surface area of a cuboid:

Thank you for reading I hope this will help you in your maths work.


  1. Excellent explanation and diagram lads, well done.

    Can you find any good revision resources or other explanatory videos to help people with more complicated shapes?

  2. Excellent explanation and diagram. Your drawing reminds me of a fun math problem called the Spider and Fly Problem.

  3. Great explanation on them. I can really understand it and use it. But you might need to include more detail so people can understand it even more.


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