Friday, December 16, 2011

About meeeeeeeee =D

Hey, my names Amy and I'm thirteen years old. I've lived in Manchester my whole life but I love to travel ( Rome, Venice and more). I've been going to Stretford High for two years now, and I actually really like it (no, they aren't making me say that) . I don't enjoy losing ( understatement) so I aim pretty high and I'm in top set of all of my subjects. Whenever I say that it makes me sound pretty boring, which hopefully I'm not. I live on the border street between Stretford and Chorlton with my mum, my dad, and sometimes my sister- who's studying law at Sheffield University. I want to be a fictional writer when I'm older, so I'd rather do something like English or Art or even teaching at university, because some of the cases my sister has to learn about are pretty depressing.Then again, teaching a class of hyperactive kids could get a tad depressing, so I'm going to have to rethink this plan. Christmas in Manchester this year is a bit dull at the moment, it's been pouring down with rain so the snow doesn't stick, but I'm going to the Christmas market on Tuesday with the majority of my year. I take ages to shop, so I feel pretty sorry for my teachers. At home, we're going to celebrate Christmas as we always do, a trip to my Gran's house, then my aunt's, and then my other Grandparent's. I'm a vegetarian (by choice), so I don't have the 'traditional Christmas dinner' though. That's all from me. Byeee ;)

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