Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sophie's&kayleigh's 20% time

During our project of 20% time me and Kayleigh have created several pages of our own project about the famous mathematical artist who went my the name of M.C.Escher. Me and Kayleigh also took part in testing out M.C.Escher styles of art and used his techniques to try and produce the same images. During this we created many artistic images from illusions to portraits of the famous man himself. After many weeks we completed our project and started to vaguely look at creating our own maze game on a computer program called scratch. From this 20% time opportunity we picked up many skills such as observational drawing skills, artistic skills, more mathematical skills and now computer programming skills. This opportunity helped us gain many teamwork skills and also skills which could help us in other area's of subjects in school.

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