Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dasha's And Dureshahwar's Dress Designing

We are designing a dress out of shapes we have picked the dress and drawn on 2D shapes at the front allover. We would like to learn how we could put our ideas into maths. It's an intresting thing to do because its something that you wouldnt of think of to have as a maths project. next week we woyuld like to do some research about how a a peice of fabric turns into something amazing. How maybe we could make ours, and how the ideas and drawings on paper are turned into real life. :)
By Dasha & Dureshahwar.

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  1. Thanks girls, I'm looking forward to you finding the Maths in this!!

    Have a word with Miss Robinson asap - she might have a friend who can help you :)


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