Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 20% Time Project

Hello, I go to Stretford High School. I love all the lesson's especially expressive arts ( Drama, Music and Art). I really enjoy maths and English too because when I leave school I either want to be a lawyer or an accountant. I love 3D drawing because it is different to the usual  way of drawing .

I would really like to understand how much maths goes into making an accurate 3D drawing and if there's a technique to creating a precise and accurate 3D model of a 3d house.

 At the moment there's a piece of software on the computer that helps to get an idea of how to build a 3D building so I'm trying to structure a template of the school and aim on putting it onto google earth.
I have been trying to create a model of the school. At first I just started of with a simple house but now I know what to do so I'm going to start the more complex structure of the school building...

This is a picture of the 3D house to start of with:


  1. Thank you Courtney. This is a real example of best practice, I can see how much thought has gone into your project and I like how you've used images to help explain your ideas. I look forward to seeing how you get on with this.

  2. what is the programme called?? the one above.

  3. @Dany Its called Google SketchUp its pretty fun to use. Its fun to design houses and things. This program is also used in architecture designing.

    Heres a link for Google SketchUp Download http://sketchup.google.com/


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