Tuesday, February 7, 2012

8th February

Today we looked at the different types of dresses. One of them was Victorian dresses and their shapes. Last week on Tuesday we went to Miss Robinson's friend, she told us what she thought of our dress and what she would make it out of if she had done it. We also looked at what we could make the dress on, we were suggested a barbie like doll. we googled something similar an artists doll.
by Dasha&Dureshahwar


  1. Good Luck on your dress project!

  2. wow~ Victorian Dresses! That is very interesting. I saw some while I was in a museum in England. I haven't have any experiences with making dresses yet! What materials did you make them with?

  3. You look at Victorian dresses in math class? Cool! In math class we only learn about formulas, parabolas, quadratic formulas etc. Its really boring.


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